Skin Love Powder

310.00 EGP

A sensorial soft wet&dry powder that melts to skin with a long lasting, cream-like finish. It contains Pomegranate Fruits Sterols that enhance skin hydration and comfort

APPLICATION: Use DRY for a natural coverage and finish. Use WET for a foundation like full coverage and a super-even finish.

Available in 6 shades

Parabens & Fragrance Free

Shade No : 1

product-color 1
product-color 2
product-color 3
product-color 4
product-color 5
product-color 6


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    طالبه الاوردر من اربع ايام ويتكلم ومحدش بيرد بصراحه خدمه زى الزفت فلغيت الاوردر بصراحه اى اوردر بطلبه من اى شركه بيجى تانى يوم ع طول وخدمه ممتازه وف كمان خدمه ما بعد البيع